NAPAN is a Danish market leader in home flooding protection with functional products that prevent flooding and stop backflow of sewage water into household basements.

NAPAN is a trademark. Development and production of Napan products is carried out by Sejma Industries, a company, which owns the Napan patent. The product range consists of core products: flap valves, backflow-stop valves, automatic anti-flood valves with manual emergency closure mechanism and an alarm.

The main focus of our solutions is climate-proofing of households, so that homeowners can avoid getting water in their basement during heavy rain and other events that cause flooding.

The products are predominantly marketed under the NAPAN brand name. It should be mentioned that Sejma Industries is covered by the international product liability insurance and is responsible for providing high-quality, reliable products.

With an emphasis on a simple design, ease of use and applicability to varying demands of homeowners, as well as an exceptional functionality, efficiency and quality, NAPAN develops and offers a wide range of products in terms of various modification of each of our products: flap valves, backflow-stop valves and automatic anti-flood valves. Each NAPAN product has the added advantage of installation flexibility, meaning that they can be installed in existing inspection wells and pipes without any major modifications.

Sejma Industries has a goal to keep NAPAN brand of products the leader in terms of design, functionality and quality at an affordable price. We therefore carry out ongoing studies of already installed flap valves, backflow-stop valves and automatic anti-flood valves. The closing mechanism of our products is, of course, the area we are particularly focused on in the various tests. Continuous quality control takes place at our production facilities.

In our ongoing efforts to test and verify the functionality of our already installed products and the quality of our after-sales services, we have received only positive feedback on product functionality and quality respective merchants, plumbing professionals, contractors, municipalities and homeowners.

As Napan is a leader in the Danish market for anti-flooding products, we actively participate in councils and committees within the industry on a European level, so our experience developing backflow stop valves and automatic anti-flood valves may be beneficial to as many homeowners as possible.

Climate forecasts show that the amount of precipitation and the intensity of rains are going to increase in many areas of the world where this was not a problem in the past. We therefore all need to make sure that water is kept out of houses by using high-quality anti-flooding products.

Napan Back Flow Valves
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    • Climate-proofing with NAPAN

      Climate change requires climate adaptation, and NAPAN is one of the front-runners when it comes to protecting low-lying buildings and basements from flooding as a result of heavy rains and back flows in the sewage systems.