NAPAN Flap Valves – Applications and Benefits

NAPAN flap valves stop the backflows in the canalization system. This solution has been around for many years and its simple design has proven to be extremely reliable in preventing serious flood-damage resulting from backflows.

NAPAN flap valves are suitable for installation on pipes carrying rainwater or greywater from washing machines and sinks.

We offer a number of models of his product at very competitive prices. The NAPAN flap valves are very effective when installed on the inlets of the inspection wells intended for rainwater or greywater.

There are altogether 24 different models and versions of this product, meaning that it can be installed on nearly any existing piping system, whether it is an old system or a new one.

The NAPAN flap valve requires minimum maintenance, yet it provides full functionality and reliability. It must be inspected annually and any residue should be washed off, ensuring that the valve lid closes firmly. This is identical for other NAPAN products as well.

Napan Back Flow Valves
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    • Climate-proofing with NAPAN

      Climate change requires climate adaptation, and NAPAN is one of the front-runners when it comes to protecting low-lying buildings and basements from flooding as a result of heavy rains and back flows in the sewage systems.