Anti-Flood Valve Type 1 – Applications and Benefits

The NAPAN Anti-Flood Valve Type 1 with a manual emergency closure device has virtually the same functionality the NAPAN Anti-Flood Valve Type 0. The manual emergency closure device allows you to shut the anti-flood valve permanently. This gives you an advantage in case of anticipated or long-lasting backflows, or in case you want to close your waste-water installations for long periods of time.

A Napan backflow-stop valve with a manual emergency closure device is a perfect product for those, who want to secure their property against backflow of sewage waters due to sewage system overfill.

Nevertheless, we have decided to add an extra security measure in the form of the override mechanism, which shuts down the flow of waters through the valve. This lets you close the valve manually in case the normal function of the product is impaired or simply as an extra security while you are away from home.

In situations where the property is not used for long periods of time, the product can be manually shut. This way you will be sure that there will not be a problem of backflow in your absence.

Additionally, this product shares all of the advantages of the standard backflow-stop valve.

This product can be upgraded by mounting an optional alarm add-on, which would alert the property owners in the case of backflow.

This product can be mounted in wells anywhere on the property outside the building, thus saving time and expense associated with alternative products that must be installed indoors, usually under the floor.

Napan Back Flow Valves
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    • Climate-proofing with NAPAN

      Climate change requires climate adaptation, and NAPAN is one of the front-runners when it comes to protecting low-lying buildings and basements from flooding as a result of heavy rains and back flows in the sewage systems.